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IDM does for you what you cannot do in-house, do not have the time or resources to do.

We take on whatever role you need from us and we did it right the first time. No excuses. Our experienced team understands your goals and objectives from the start as we draw from our vast experience, insight and expertise.


If we are creating a software application for you, website, or something else--we create responsive tools that are accessible from all major smart-enabled devices. That includes smartphones, tablets or any other HTML5 enabled devices.


Your time is valuable and we value it. We are here to strengthen your relationship with your consumer & drive commerce.


When you hire IDM, you are hiring us. We do not outsource or private label other people's software or services.

  • New Media & Traditional Media

    We know how important it is to communicate effectively with audience. This leads to retention and leads to sales. We are at the forefront of keeping our clients in-touch with their clients, legal, and actively involved in their relationship management with clients.

  • Marketing

    There are people that feel marketing and New and Traditional Media are separate, but at IDM, we know that they are not. Unified messaging not only communicates in a variety of formats to your audience, it helps with search engine optimization, consumer loyalty, sales and outreach.

  • Consulting

    IDM is not your classical consultants. Traditionally, consulting firms have a 3-month cycle. Month-1: Ramp-up. Month-2: Do the work. Month-3: Looking for next client or key personnel transferred off your account. NO WAY! This is NOT the IDM way. We dig deep, serious research prior to 1st meeting with our passionate, driven and educated team. Know the marketplace & competition. Work with you to achieve your objectives & take you further.

  • Mobile, Tablet, Desktop/Web, Print and Sweepstakes Marketing

    IDM's team is passionately invested in the projects we work on for our clients. That passion spills over to off the clock R&D that the team does based on the interests and passions of the team. You want your agency/partner to be dedicated and invested personally and professionally to deliver the very best products and services for you day in and out. We bring our passion to everything we do at IDM.

  • SEO & Social Media Marketing

    Our team is dedicated to complying to the Google, Yahoo/Bing Standards and standard SEO practices to ensure SEO readiness for organic and paid searches. By having you prepared we are up-to-date with all of the standards and ensure your website is in compliance for Web, Mobile, Tablet and Social Media.

  • Forensics

    Forensics is core of the IDM DNA. From forensic research, forensic accounting & valuation. IDM's forensics team is legendary in what we have achieved. From working with government agencies to small, medium and Fortune 1000 businesses. Our discrete, responsible and responsive forensic team continues to deliver. At IDM, forensics does not end at the end of investigation. It transitions into training, prevention, and crosses over to forensic accounting by forensic accounts.

Brands We've Helped

Here are some of the brands we have worked with. Our team brings their passion, expertise, knowledge and creativity to everything we have done.


New Media Marketing, Social & More


Agency Services, Web & Management


Rebranding, Web & Consulting


Print, Editing & Management


Print, Web & Branding


Sweepstakes & Legal


Branding, Web & Agency


Marketing & Consulting

  • S. Jacques Cohen Author

    ... (IDM's) work took my book further than I could have ever imagined, they guided me on every part of the process, from retitling my book, designing an amazing cover, editing and re-wrote my book with me was a wonderful experience. They took on every task I gave them and I couldn't have ever imagined a better experience. Their research depth, design and writing expertise and overall kindness was unlike anything I had experienced before with a professional team in my corner. Thank you all so very much!

  • Sue Kay RuffRescue.org

    IDM never ceases to amazing us and we love it!!! With IDM, they are always at least 5 steps ahead of what we were thinking or discussing internally. IDM takes even the roughest ideas and turns them into a reality. We let IDM do their magic so we can focus on our goals and objectives because we know they will always (repeat) deliver.

  • Karen Bowen Enterprise CPG Client

    After being let down by so many PR firms, we had all but given up. In one of our IDM team meetings, we were discussing PR and we shared our concerns, IDM immediately took charge, developed a result-driven plan and exceeded all of our expectations. With IDM it was a fraction of the price and a fraction of the time to ramp up and see results. IDM has such a great grasp of our brands that we use them for all of our campaigns from digital, web, mobile, print and more. They definitely deliver.

  • Michael D. Hill IDM Programmer

    At IDM, I apply my education with my experience at IDM to help our clients achieve great results. IDM's transparency allows me the opportunity to work with clients, share reasoning & quite often my personality as their target audience. It's quite rewarding & fun to see my ideas integrated.

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